The Best CoQ10 Supplement 2022

One of the more popular supplements for overall health is Coenzyme Q10. Usually called CoQ10, this nutrient occurs naturally in the body. It’s found in the mitochondria.

This is the “powerhouse of the cell.” It’s where the body burns calories for fuel. That means CoQ10 supports cellular energy production. It’s also important for heart health.

Plus, it provides several other benefits. The body’s natural levels of CoQ10 decline as you get older. This means supplementation is necessary.

This guide will review the best CoQ10 supplements on the market. Let’s take a look!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Best coq10 supplement

  1. Essential Elements CoQ10 – Best Overall
  2. NutraBio CoQ10 – Best Label Disclosure
  3. CoQ10 – Best Powder
  4. Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 – Best For Vegans
  5. NOW CoQ10 200mg – Best Value-Conscious
  6. NOW CoQ10 – Best Potency
  7. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 – Best Combo
  8. Thorne Research Q-Best 100(™) – Best Absorption
  9. Global Healing CoQ10 – Best For Cellular Energy
  10. Qunol Liquid CoQ10 – Best Liquid
  11. Puritan’s Pride CoQ10 Plus Red Yeast Rice – Best For Heart Health

Reviews – Best coq10 supplements

Essential Elements CoQ10 – Best Overall

Here’s a patented form of CoQ10 and our pick for best overall. Essential Elements CoQ10 contains 200mg of CoQsol® per one softgel. This formula also patented Betatene® Vitamin A. Plus, there’s mixed tocopherol vitamin E. The only other ingredients are what’s used to make the softgel capsule. 

This combination dramatically improves antioxidant potency and cognitive benefits. It’s also more absorbable than regular CoQ10. Finally, Essential Elements CoQ10 follows GMP manufacturing guidelines. 


  • Enhanced Antioxidant Benefits
  • Features Two Branded Ingredients
  • Absorbs Better Than Regular CoQ10


  • The Softgels May Be Too Large For Some Users

NutraBio CoQ10 – Best Label Disclosure

NutraBio CoQ10 provides 200mg per serving. It also contains Bioperine® Black Pepper for improved absorption. This is important because CoQ10 does not absorb well. NutraBio uses ubiquinone, the most common form of CoQ10. It’s naturally fermented, which allows production of CoQ10 in larger quantities. 

As always, NutraBio uses full disclosure labeling. In this case, there’s 195mg added rice flour. The rice flour fills up the rest of the capsule. This may cause a downside of capsules being too large for some users. Had NutraBio not used rice flour, the capsules would be much smaller. This would have made them easier to swallow. Still, they disclose the exact amount of rice flour per capsule. 


  • 200mg CoQ10 Per Capsule
  • Fully Open Label Right Down To The Capsule Filler Used
  • Includes Bioperine Black Pepper


  • Using Rice Flour May Make The Capsules Larger – This Makes Them Harder To Swallow CoQ10 – Best Powder

Here’s our pick for the best powdered CoQ10. CoQ10 Powder provides 200mg per serving. One serving is a tenth of a teaspoon. There are no other ingredients. One of the things that set apart is its quality. This product is lab-verified. It’s also 3rd party tested for potency, quality, and purity. 

Finally, it’s cGMP-compliant. This means it meets strict manufacturing guidelines. The packaging clearly displays the various seals that verify the company’s high standards.  


  • Powdered CoQ10 – Mix It With Any Beverage
  • 200mg Per Serving
  • 3rd Party Tested


  • Some Users Feel The Packaging Could Be Better – It Could Use An Inner Liner

Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 – Best For Vegans

Here’s a CoQ10 that’s the best choice for vegans. Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 uses a liquid delivery system. This is a raw ingredient product that uses raw chia seed oil. It’s encased in a regular capsule, not a softgel capsule. 

There’s 200mg raw CoQ10, and a raw organic fruit and veggie blend. Also, there’s a low-dose raw probiotic blend. Garden of Life Raw CoQ10 does not contain fillers. Finally, it’s 3rd party certified for quality, and it is vegan-certified by 


  • 100% Raw Ingredients – Certified Vegan
  • 200mg Raw CoQ10
  • Also Contains Chia Oil And Probiotics


  • Some Users Find The Capsules Break Apart

NOW CoQ10 200mg – Best Value-Conscious

Here’s our pick for the best value-minded CoQ10. NOW CoQ10 200mg is available in a 60 veggie capsule size. Other brands offer 60 capsules but only half the potency. That makes NOW the best value. Like all NOW products, this is manufacturer-certified. 

This means the entire manufacturing process undergoes inspection. Once inspected, it’s approved for use. Finally, NOW CoQ10 200mg is vegan and non-GMO. 


  • Good Value – 200mg Per Capsule – One Capsule Per Day
  • 60 Capsule Container
  • Manufacturer-Certified


  • The Capsules Are Too Big For Some Users

NOW CoQ10 – Best Potency

Here’s our highest potency CoQ10. NOW CoQ10 provides 400mg per softgel capsule. This is a liquid delivery system that uses softgel capsules. They are filled with CoQ10 suspended in Vitamin E and soy lecithin. This type of capsule absorbs faster than most other delivery formats. 

NOW products are GMP Quality Assured. This product is also non-GMO. Plus, there’s an image depicting softgel size on the label. It’s suggested users make sure the softgel capsules aren’t too big before buying. 


  • 400mg CoQ10 Per Serving
  • Also Contains Vitamin E And Soy Lecithin
  • GMP Quality Assured Product


  • The Softgels May Be Too Large For Some Users To Swallow


Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 – Best Combo

Here’s our pick for the best CoQ10 combo. You can find CoQ10 combined with any number of other compounds. Nordic Naturals Ultimate contains 1280mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. They’ve combined it with 100mg of CoQ10. This combo supports heart health and cellular energy.

It also acts as an antioxidant. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 is certified sustainable. It’s also non-GMO. Finally, the Omega fatty acids are 90% triglyceride form for best absorption. Also, this product is 3rd party tested for quality. 


  • Combines Omega-3’s And CoQ10
  • Supports Heart Health
  • 3rd Party Tested


  • A Few Users Find The Capsules To Be Too Big

Thorne Research Q-Best 100(™) – Best Absorption

Here’s our pick for the best-absorbed CoQ10. Thorne Research Q-Best 100 is a branded product designed for 3x more absorption. Q-Best 100 uses an exclusive tri-lipid capsule delivery system. Two of the lipids in this unique approach maintain an even temperature of the CoQ10 crystals. 

The third lipid is used to improve absorption. It does this by enhancing the transport of the CoQ10. All Thorne research products undergo extensive testing. This product follows strict manufacturing guidelines. Also, Thorne Research partners with the Mayo Clinic for wellness research. Finally, they are a proud US Olympic athlete sponsor.


  • Features An Exclusive Branded Formula
  • Uses A Tri-Lipid System For Superior Absorption
  • This Product Is All Natural


  • This Product Is Not Vegan-Friendly

Global Healing CoQ10 – Best For Cellular Energy

Here’s a CoQ10 combo product that’s our pick for the best cellular energy support. Global Healing CoQ10 contains a patented form of CoQ10 called Kaneka Q10® Ubiquinone. This brand is the only brand manufactured in the U.S. There’s also BioPPQ®, a compound that supports brain health. 

Plus, this compound supports mitochondria health. This combination works together for superior cellular energy production. Finally, there’s Primavie® Shilajit. This is a patented mushroom ingredient. Primavie® improves CoQ10 absorption. Finally, this product is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. 


  • Features Three Branded Ingredients
  • Supports Cellular Health & Brain Health
  • The Only CoQ10 Manufactured In The U.S.


  • Some Users Found The Capsules Were Different Colors


Qunol Liquid CoQ10 – Best Liquid

Do you have a hard time swallowing softgels or dry capsules? If so, Qunol Liquid CoQ10 is the best choice for you. Plus, this product uses flexible dosing. One teaspoon supplies 100mg of CoQ10. Or, you can double it and get 200mg. 

Qunol Liquid CoQ10 comes in orange-pineapple flavor and tastes delicious. Use it by itself. Or, you can mix it with any beverage you’d like to. Also, you can take it before, with or after a meal. Taking this, or any, CoQ10 with food improves absorption. Finally, this product uses all-natural ingredients. 


  • Features Flexible Dosing
  • Contains All-Natural Ingredients
  • Mixes With Any Beverage


  • Some Users Don’t Like The Taste

Puritan’s Pride CoQ10 Plus Red Yeast Rice – Best For Heart Health

Here’s our pick for the best heart health CoQ10 combination. Puritan’s Pride CoQ10 Plus Red Yeast Rice contains patented QSorb(™) CoQ10. One serving provides 120mg. There’s also 1200mg of Red Yeast Rice. 

This is an ingredient with a long history of use in Chinese medicine. 

The pill size of this product is only one inch. That means most users should have no trouble swallowing it. Finally, this product contains zero artificial ingredients. 


  • Good Combination For Heart Health
  • Patented Form Of CoQ10
  • Softgel Capsule Size


  • Some Users Have A Hard Time Swallowing These Capsules

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best CoQ10 Supplement?

What Is CoQ10

CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, is also known as ubiquinone. It is a vitamin-like nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. It’s found in the mitochondria. This is what generates cellular energy in the body. CoQ10 production declines as we age. This means it’s an important nutrient for individuals as they get older. 

What Is Ubiquinol

This is a more natural form of CoQ10. This form absorbs better than regular CoQ10. 

What Are The Benefits Of CoQ10

CoQ10 has a number of important benefits:

  • Supports Cellular Energy – When people think of energy, they may think of the energy you get from caffeine. In fact, there are several popular caffeine sources. This type of compound stimulates the central nervous system. Yet, CoQ10 is involved in the body’s natural energy production. The mitochondria is often called the “powerhouse of the cell”. This is because it converts food into usable energy. A good example of this is ATP. This is what the muscles actually use for energy or fuel. They contract during your workout based on how much ATP is available. Caffeine may increase alertness, but has nothing to do with cellular, or muscular, energy. Yes, there’s more to the body’s natural energy systems. Still, this is the basic idea. 
  • Promotes Heart Health – Studies have shown that CoQ10 promotes heart health in older individuals. As noted, CoQ10 occurs naturally in the body and declines as you age. That’s why supplementing makes sense. (1)
  • Counters Statin Drug Side Effects – Statin drugs can help lower cholesterol. Yet they can have several negative side effects. They also lower natural CoQ10 levels. Taking a CoQ10 supplement helps counter side effects. It also maintains healthy levels of CoQ10. 
  • Supports Cognitive Function – Some studies suggest CoQ10 supports brain health. Also, these studies show how CoQ10 helps offset cognitive decline associated with aging. (2)
  • May Improve Exercise Performance – Preliminary data suggests CoQ10 may improve exercise performance.There’s still research taking place regarding this benefit.

What To Consider When Choosing CoQ10

Form Of CoQ10

This not only covers the delivery system, but it also covers the version of CoQ10. You can choose capsules, softgels, powder, or liquid. If you don’t have a problem swallowing, capsules or softgels are a good choice.

If you do have problems with pills, you can choose a liquid or powder. The advantage of a powder is that it’s unflavored. You can mix it with anything. For example, you can add CoQ10 Powder to any beverage. A flavored liquid version of CoQ10 may not taste good. Still, that’s not a problem with Qunol Liquid CoQ10. It’s a great tasting orange-pineapple flavor. Mix either of these products in a smoothie or your favorite juice.

Finally, there’s standard CoQ10, or you have your choice of a few patented versions. These include our best overall, Essential Elements CoQ10, with CoQsol®. Also, there’s Global Healing CoQ10. This product contains Kaneka Q10®. In the case of Thorne Research Q-Best 100(™), the entire formula is patented. Finally, Puritan’s Pride uses QSorb(™) CoQ10. 

Quality And Purity

Many of the brands in this guide feature lab testing and manufacturing verification. NOW, Nordic Naturals and Thorne Research are three good examples of this. All the brands in our guide are premium quality, highly pure products. 

Who Can Use CoQ10

Anyone can use CoQ10. Still, older users may benefit a little more. This is because, as noted, natural levels decline as you age. Also, anyone interested in better heart health, lower cholesterol, and improved cognitive function should use CoQ10. 

Plus, CoQ10 may be helpful for anyone with vision problems. Finally, it can help users that suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts may benefit from using CoQ10. As noted, some studies show it supports exercise performance. 

How To Use CoQ10

Typical dosages may vary from 30 to 400 mg a day. The highest safe intake is 1200mg per day. Still, most users stay in the 100mg to 200mg range. With that said, follow the directions on the label of the product you purchase. As noted, CoQ10 comes in many different versions. Make sure you choose the delivery system that will be easiest for you to use. 

Also, there are several combinational products available. These are for specialized purposes. Make sure you choose your CoQ10 based on your needs. You can tailor your choice to a specific health condition. Or you can take CoQ10 for general health and well-being. 


Essential Elements CoQ10 features 200mg of patented CoQsol® per serving. It also has patented Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This combination enhances the antioxidant and cognitive benefits. 

Would you rather use a powder? As noted, CoQ10 is unflavored. Mix it with your smoothie or protein shake. If you use a pre-workout, add it the next time you train. You could even add it to your post-workout shake. 

Finally, do you want to know everything that’s in your CoQ10? NutraBio CoQ10 is a simple formula. Yet it includes the exact amount of rice flour used to fill capsule volume. There is no doubt whatsoever about what you’re getting. 

CoQ10 is a good supplement to add to your wellness program. Use our guide and find the best one for you!


  1. Alehagen, U., Aaseth, J., Alexander, J., & Johansson, P. (2018). “Still reduced cardiovascular mortality 12 years after supplementation with selenium and coenzyme Q10 for four years: A validation of previous 10-year follow-up results of a prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial in elderly.” PloS one, 13(4), e0193120. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0193120
  2. Effects of Coenzyme Q10 in Early Parkinson Disease: Evidence of Slowing of the Functional Decline | Movement Disorders | JAMA Neurology | JAMA Network

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